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To those who hate the idea of any solution, much less government solution, to collective action problems, that is quite an accomplishment. That such people exist befuddles me, but they will be very happy with what they've wrought.


Won't a switch of 4 votes defeat the bill?

4 switch

Ruth Fleischer

While the ultra-close 216-218 win for the Republicans on this issue today was troubling, there were some bright spots. No Democrat voted for it and 13 Republicans had the guts to defy Blunt et al. While some had their own agendas (Ney? Ney!), most of the rest were moderate Republicans. What's interesting is which moderates felt so endangered that they were willing to defy the leadership. These districts should be the party's top priorities for the next cycle.


Six potential defections with six needed sounds more like four trying to buy something big with their yes vote.

But maybe not. The GOP is on the run, anything is possible.


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