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I think you are right. Have you thought that a corollary of this argument, is that the next Democratic Presidential Candidate should be a Governor - one who say "look this is how it is done".


It would truly seem, based on human nature, that this has and will be repeated in some form in the future.

The only final solution "a definitive solution" would be to take all those involved out back and execute them. The next group in government would then be "wary" and give a little more back to the people who make their careers possible.

RonK, Seattle

An important post, receiving less attention (including mine) than it deserves. Glad comments are finally on.

All scandals favor the Right in the long run.

A key point of long-run neocon strategy is to concentrate their attack (by sabotage as well and defamation) on programs that work -- not programs that fail.

The Goatherder

The trouble is that it is a complicated story -- by public debate standards -- to explain to people that the Republicans wanted to do this so that they could increase hostility toward government in general so that in the long run they could succeed in their small government goals.

Fortunately, another theme, which is both true and consistent with the Democratic message, is both pithy and powerful -- The Republicans did it to enrich their friends at the big Pharmaceutical companies.

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