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Don't stop posting here. I read 'em at TPMCafe, but I've got Decembrist in my RSS reader so I can tell when you've actually posted something there by when it shows up here.

They really need RSS by author over there.


I'm so relieved by your explanation--I'd feared that Decembrist had lost its audience in favor of the TPMCafe site. I do look for comments on this site, they tend to be lower in quantity but extremely high in quality.


Delicious Pundit

TPMCafe's like the Time Warner Center. I prefer it here, where you have to hunch your shoulders against the cold every time a new commenter enters, and you can still see the spot on the wall where the Proprietor threw a hot bowl of cholent at his wife.

Neil the Ethical Werewolf

I think it's actually spelled without the "a" that you've put in as third letter. "Beastiality" does not seem to be listed in any dictionaries or encyclopedias.

By the way, you're probably going to receive a lot of perverted search traffic. I once discussed the views of some philosophers on this issue on my blog, and it's long been one of my most-googled posts.


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Wallace Smith

About 30 percent of young households now move each year to a new residence. That percentage slides down to 4 or 5 percent for people in older age groups. Therefore, household mobility that has been a major driver of home sales will fall off as boomers age


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