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Judith Gran

Brilliant analysis, elegantly presented.


Agreed. Mark seems to have a clearer grasp on this than anyone I've read yet, in either the corporate media or the blogs.

One thing that strikes me is that the collapse of the GOP's quasi-parliamentary system is creating a huge power vacuum in Congress, at least until the mid-terms. Mark postulated a few weeks ago that when control of the congressional agenda shifts, it often happens BEFORE a new majority takes power -- as in 1994, when the Republicans were able to derail health care reform and turn the debate to the "process" issues in the Contract On America, even before their November blowout. But I don't see signs yet that the same thing is happening in reverse, although maybe it's just too early.

Here's a question, though: If the Dems do well next year, but not quite well enough to actually capture the House, what are the chances that they might be able to form a working coalition with the GOP Northeastern moderates, just as the Republicans were able to do -- at least on bugget issues -- with the Southern "Blue Dogs" in 1980-82?


I guess my question would be why Bush would care about any of this -- miniscule cuts to Medicaid and Food Stamps, even drilling in ANWR -- very small beer, n'est-ce pas?

Second term administrations (something parliamentary democracies don't have) live and die on their foreign policy successes and failures.

Wasn't Burns writing pretty much exclusively about Congress -- Reid and Cannon -- and not about the Presidency?


Er. That would be "Reid" as in Thomas B. Reed, a past Speaker often called "Czar" Reed.


Hey Mark, did you notice that Open Source Media is giving your name as 'Mike Schmitt' in their front-page blurb? Might want to get that fixed.

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