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Right on. Laws that support everyone running (and make voting easier and more transparent) **will** make the money thing less important, but even with money will make the democracy thing more important. Good line.


Thanks as always for the fine work.

One of the big reasons I was for Edwards during the last pres. primaries was his making strong statements (for a while at every appearance) about taking money 'completely out' of politics - realistically, some mix of public financing and free tv time. He said he would 'stand on the WH lawn' and regularly give the American people a report on what money in politics cost them THAT month, or whatever - until it changed. A stunt? A great stunt, if you ask me. It would be both popular (probalby VERY popular) and do good. If, in future, Edwards or someone else makes our political money sewer an important campaign issue, I'll follow them anywhere. Huge.

BTW, if it turned out to be Edwards (or any candidate with a forthright stand on this) vs McCain next time, McCain might have his name on a bill, but the dem would trump programatically. Really, any dem worth nominating would at least sound serious about cleaning politics up. But if one actually meant it (like Edwards certainly did), SO much could get done.

I really like the run-off election idea - that is the future, IMO. But as you so astutely pointed out, you can get at one side of the feedback loop or the other, and with some political leadership (AHEM) a LOT could get done on the money side, especially, obviously, after all these absolutely rotten-corrupt years.

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