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Well, not to put too fine a point on it but it's nice they're talking about all the democrats who voted for the Resolution back in 2002. It's not as if they weren't bum-rushed to the decision with only weeks to go before the mid-terms election. No better time for reflection and reasoned debate than the few weeks before an election.


Thanks, Decembrist, for a wise and well-reasoned response to the administration's claim: "They had the same intelligence we did and they voted to go to war."

Of course, any member of Congress who voted against giving Bush authority to declare war would have been labeled unpatriotic and weak on terrorism. I suspect that sealed the decision for many of them.


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Obvously, the modern presidency is dead and Bush's gratuitous invocation of unchecked executive discretion has sealed the deal. It must be a generational thing but I find it increasingly strange that well-to-do boomers continue to revere Cheney's alleged technocratic gravitas. If they truly had the courage of their convictions the Bush/Cheney machine wouldn't be trying to frantically insultate itself by invoking ambiguous notions of "history," as if the impact of their decisions won't be felt by those of us that hope to hang around for the next 50 years or so.


The issue is being side stepped. They all had adequate information to make a decision at that time. If Bush lied and "tricked" the country into a war then they should offer proof and stop with the revisionist history. It is interesting that they don't even trust their own peers who found no concealed information.


For all the reasons you listed in the first couple of paragraphs, I do believe that the Executive should be given deference and flexibilty in questions regarding National Security. However, this only underscores the importance of a White House that honors this awesome responsibilty with integrity, honesty and competence - virtues the Bush regime seems genetically incapable of having.


Various sources have already pointed out that Congressmen who voted for the war DID NOT have access to the same intelligence that the President and his people had. Eg. Congress only got assessments containing very alarming and dangerous information from the source codenamed Curveball concerning Saddam's supposed reconstituted nuclear capabilities. Not one senator or representatve however, was given the accommpanying info that the White House saw from German Intelligence and CIA officials doubting the veracity of Curveball's claims and that, indeed, they thought he was mentally unstable.
Also, Congress DID NOT have access to the Presidential Daily Briefings or CIA reports now leaked to the public that asserted that Saddam did not have any ties to Al Quada and that, in fact, he consideered Bin Laden and Co. as mortal enemies.
The war's critics are not rewriting history. We are simply waking up to a reality that you refuse to see.

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