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re: "She once told me that the president was the most brilliant man she had ever met."

Maybe it's true.


Another great article - I wish you'd post more often.


It seems to me that this appointment illustrates several of Bush's personal characteristics. First, a tendency to put trust in his personal, gut instincts about people/things: he knew that Putin was a good man because he wore a cross around his neck; he knew that the Iraq war was the right thing to do because Sadam was dangerous, etc. Second, he is willing to take enormous risks on not very much evidence.: war in Iraq; tax cuts, etc.

What we're seeing here, I think, is that he's willing to take those risks when it comes to conservative causes.

That is, he has become as incompetent in advancing conservative causes as he is in advancing the interests of the US generally.

Kenneth Fair

I'm thinking that Reid played W. like a violin on this one. I loved listening to Reid on the radio this morning, praising Miers for being a "trial lawyer." I almost drove off the road, I was laughing so hard.


E&P just published an article strongly suggesting that Miers was involved with the famous pre-911 briefing "Bin Laden Dtermined To Strike US". This would open her to questioning about the briefing, Bush's reaction,etc. This could get interesting.


I hope you're right about Reid luring w into his trap. I'm thinking the same thing.


I also thought that something must be going on with Reid. Maybe I'm just ignorant of some facts, but his comments seemed quite odd, all things considered.
My initial thought was that by supporting the nomination, he would instantly turn some republicans against her. But that could easily backfire. Your supposition is much more crafty and less likely to bite him in the proverbial butt.

Mike James

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