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Joseph Olschner

Hello...how is it that a new administration, in this case, Rove's Republicans, can strip an agency like FEMA of all the professionals that were there from the Clinton days, and stack the leadership positions with political buddies and no body from Congress objects? Do they lack the will or do they now have the momentum do make a law requiring career professionals in these agencies.


Mad Cow epidemic: USDA
Massive drug recall: FDA
Energy crisis: DOE

I imagine you can take your pick of the regulatory agencies and the Bush-Rove politico-administrative complex will have spiked each one with hacks and/or anti-regulators. At least they've given us those national days of prayer.


...and I've enjoyed those national days of prayer. I thought the administration would have learned it's lesson but with this Mier's appointment it's doubtful.

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