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And of course "foreign aid" doesn't really belong on Collender's list either. It's significantly smaller than the other things listed, far far less than people tend to think. Even otherwise astute budget experts.


Hawk that I am, I've always thought most of the pork was in the defense segment. What's the best kind of missile? One with a piece made in every congressional district, whose purpose is so classified no one can quibble with it.


"Eventually participants will grasp the truth"

I seriously doubt it. I've been hearing people talk about balancing the budget by cutting foreign aid since Reagan was in office.

Although if you count the cost of the Iraq War as "foreign aid," the idea isn't as preposterous as it used to be.

global yokel

Why not undo the $350 billion dollar tax cut that was enacted at the beginning of Bushs' first term? 90% of that cut went to the richest 1% of the electorate-- it could be rolled back at very little political cost. Even Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are supportive of the idea.

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