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drip, drip, drip...sooner or later the dike will break.

Mike Russo

Hey! Blackmun wasn't dull. I may be weird, but he's my favorite justice -- his views on the bench very much went through an arc, and he seems very *human* in his opinions in a way which some of his contemporaries rarely do. Read his dissent in Casey, for example. Sure, he wasn't the sharpest thinker or the best writer the bench has ever seen, but I dunno, I think he's pretty cool.


Susan Ralston (spelling??) was outed at least a year ago in Salon as former Abramoff acolyte working for Rove handling phones.


If you're prez, or v.p., you might look down the line of succession 2 or more places and take steps to ensure that those folks make bones with you in some fashion, thus locking in the pardon.


How do we know that any of this is even true?
Sounds like a lot of speculation and gossip to me.
If Abramoff had "stolen" funds, the feds would have nabbed him by now.

Sounds to me like some powerful folks just wanted the Jewboy out of DC

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