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The ersatz Senators did not move to the Houston area, but rather to the Dallas area. They currently play in Arlington, a suburb between Dallas and Fort Worth, in a stadium that enriched George W. Bush through the magic of eminent domain. Somehow conservative critics of the Kelo decision never seem to mention this fact.


Not to exonerate Griffith, but the ellipsis in your quote removes an important piece. The whole quote is:

“I’ll tell you why we came to Minnesota. It was when we found out you only had 15,000 blacks here. Black people don’t go to ballgames, but they’ll fill up a rassling ring and put up such a chant it’ll scare you to death...We came here because you’ve got good, hardworking white people here."

Its still an offensive quote, but his point wasn't that black people are inferior or should be feared; it was that they didn't go to baseball games. Maybe this quote illustrates one of the reasons blacks didn't go to baseball games, Griffith's ignorance, but Griffith left because he felt one of the most populous races in the District didn't like baseball. The relocation of next franchise a mere 11 years later shows that the DC market wasn't the best for baseball even if Griffith's perceived reason is a little ignorant.


Hertzberg also neglects to mention that Soros is Jewish and has been the target of barely disguised anti-Semitic attacks. So the Repubs are threatening reprisals against MLB if a Jew is allowed to beat out an anti-Semite for ownership of the Nats.

And you wonder why Jews keep on voting Democratic--


Anyhow, the New Yorker does have fact checkers. All Conde Nast magazines do -- you can't even imagien what the magazine would look like with out them!

Don't diss the fact checkers for letting one slip, diss the reporter.

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