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Rob W

More here, thanks.

Tad Brennan

Yeah, cross-posting is good. I read TPM Cafe a lot now, but I also check here, too, where your contributions are less likely to get lost in the flurry.

Thanks for your excellent analysis, wherever it shows up.

J Bean

Please cross-post more. There is a lot of stuff on TPM and it's easy to miss good things.

Justin Slotman

Yeah--post here. I find TPM impossible to sift through.

Delicious Pundit

Here's where you should do your longer and noncommercial material, the kind that the label would be reluctant to release. Here might also be the place to work on stuff that might not be quite cooked yet, before it gets hundreds of comments at TPMC.

Personally I find TPMC hard to read and kind of a pain in the ass -- it's a WalMart of the liberal blogosphere. The mom-and-popness of the individual voice is lost. Yglesias, for example, is less compelling now that the personal NBA/rock-type posts are divorced from the Big Think posts. He is a divided man! And so young!

I might also add that you should use more exclamation points around here.

Delicious Pundit

I also kind of hate the comment threads at TPMC. Particularly the way they flame Ed Kilgore, like it was the DLC that took away the sun or something.

richard lo cicero

I can't get "TPM Cafe". I click it on and get a forbidding "FORBIDDEN - It is forbidden for you . ." I'm not a techie, hell with it, feel like some bouncer won't let me into Studio 54. So crosspost by all means.


As long as people are writing about progressive principles, why don't you take a stab at that Mark?

It seems like you would be as good as anyone else trying to write the mythical Thousand-Word-Summation-of-What-It-Means-to-Be-A-Progressive post that everyone has been angling at since last fall.

Ian Welsh

Cross post everything here so that people who want to read your stuff, and not try and find it on TPM can find it easily.

Also, as someone who blogs in multiple places - let me tell you that having a central archive of all your articles will make your life a LOT easier.


please keep posting here too--i haven't commented before, but i value your words, and would rather read them in a less busy environment. I think lots of people feel that way. Thank you. : >

Chris Meserole

Please keep posting here. I know I've found there's a kind of self-censorship that you go through when posting on someone else's site as opposed to your own -- you're less likely to take risks, or to indulge an insightful if tangential idea. Due to the sheer size of TPMC, my guess is that that tension is even more pronounced for yourself.

So please keep posting here, and giving us your more instinctive thoughts.

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