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Mark: the link doesn't work but I found TMPCafe anyway. Looks interesting but/and very time consuming. I hope you'll have a section so that if a Decmbrist groupie just wants to read what you are thinking about, she can find it easily. M.


I've been quietly enjoying your excellent blog for a long time and just thought I'd take the opportunity to tell you how much I've enjoyed it. I hope you keep it up. I'll be looking for you over at tpm cafe though.

Thanks for all the hard work.

Joe Smith

I love this blog and I am glad Mark will be joining the wonderful people (too many to mention) at TPMcafe. However, I hope The Decembrist blog stays up even if it is posted to infrequently. I like the fact that this blog sometimes goes into depth on issues that don't fit neatly into "Social Security" "The Filibuster" or "How Do Democrats Retake Power?" etc. that all liberals blogs seem to have compartmentalized posts into. DOn't worry if this blog lacks for content, just remember that it is here if need be.


"I'm sort of amazed that this blog has the audience it does, given my lapses and my sometimes wonky interests."

It's the banner. At least it is for me. No way I'm going to read this stuff over at that TPMCafe site. I'll settle for the cross posts.


I'm sort of amazed that this blog has the audience it does, given my lapses and my sometimes wonky interests

This has been one of the more interesting blogs out there, IMO, and you will now be yet another reason to hang out at TPMCafe.

I had a blog for about a year - before, during, and just after the election - and always felt a lot of pressure to post-or-die (lose my audience, such as it was): that was the CW about blogs at the time. But I think it's clear now that there's room for more than one kind of blog; people will choose to seek out/wait for quality (as opposed to quantity) from blogs they like (that's what RSS is for!). I imagine the TCM consolidation will works out great, but even if it doesn't, that will probably be OK too.

Actually, my only problem with the blogosphere is finding time to read everything I want (in addition to actual books)!

thanks for doing the Decembrist, and cheers!


understandable because its the first day, but the TPMC site is quite byzantine; i haven't been able to figure out a live feed for your postings there yet, or lists of the other bloggers.


I hope you will continue this blog, Mark, or write in a similar vein at TPMCafe, which looks like a zoo and a bit of a challenge to navigate. I'm still new to blogs, but you seem much different from some, more measured, less reactive and petty, the subjects carefully chosen, with the advantage of inside the government experience. Charlie Peters often used to write about the benefits from working in government for a few years as he did in the 60's.

David Weman

Mark, I doubt any of your readers prefer short Mark Schmitt posts to long in-depth ones. The water cooler aspect is cool, but selfishly, I think I'd prefer if you prioritized The Decembrist. (I say selfishly because the coffee house presumably has a much wider reach.)

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