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This is from a column by Sidney Blumenthal.

"...Whether suffering delusions of grandeur or not, Bush's attitude is to bludgeon his way out of the corner he is backing himself into. Hurling threats, he's looking for a barroom brawl..."

Patiently waiting in the barroom is a guy who Howard Fineman described as, "An amateur boxer in his youth, the 65-year-old Reid's idea of a good time is to watch reruns of famous bouts on ESPN Classic. A favorite was on the other night: the 1955 epic between Archie Moore and Rocky Marciano. "Moore flattened Rocky early," Reid said. 'Had him down, almost out. But by patience and sheer determination Marciano came back, round by round, and won. Both guys were cut and bloody when it was over.'"

Our brawler-in-chief may have quite a fight on his hands; I hope he has started training.


Like Yglesias, I've always been a fan of OutKast's version of Chekov's Dictum:

Don't pull that thang out unless you plan to bang
(Bombs over Baghdad, yeah)
Don't even bang unless you plan to hit somethang
(Bombs over Baghdad, yeah)


I know it's not the heart of your post or anything, but as an aside, I've never really accepted Checkov's dictum. A pretty outdated approach is my most generous charcterization of it.

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