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define "blog"


"Perhaps we have reached the limit of limits and need to find a new way to think about speech, money and politics, one that focuses on making sure that all candidates can be heard."

What's the answer?

Free TV time? Aggressive matching along the line of the NYC and Arizona laws?

David Weman

The answer is concentrating on demand, not supply.

arbitrary aardvark

I have an ongoing semantic dispute with Hasen about him saying "disclosure" when he means "disclaimer". The semantic dispute is tied to a legal one. Disclosure, in the election law context, means filing forms with a regulatory agency, here the FEC. Disclaimers are part of the text itself, a regulation of the content of the blog. It is possible, but misleading, to use disclosure in larger sense that would include disclaimers, but would also include, for example, coerced confessions, revealing trade secrets, and other not so nice activities.
Posner points out that disclaimers don't really disclaim anything, so it's a bad label, but he went on to confuse disclaimer regulations, unconstitutional under Talley v California, with disclosure regulations, constitutional under Valeo and McConnell.
That was in Majors v Abell [majors.blogspot.com for more.]
Since AO 1998-22, the FEC has been attempting to compel disclaimers on blogs, but doing so is in conflict with cases such as ACLU v Reno, ACLU v Johnson, Ala v Pataki, EFF of Georgia v Miller, which say that there is a right to be anonymous on the internet.
Robbin Stewart


We already have the legal tools to regulate campaign spending...the FCC. The reason candidates and parties are tawdry money-grubbers, the reason they are desperate to sell their souls to the highest bidder, is that they want to buy air time for commercials. The vast majority of money raised gets spent on broadcast commercials. If you eliminate their ability to purchase air time, you eliminate much of the campaign finance problem. The FCC should ban the sale of broadcast air time to political candidates, just as cigarette commercials are banned. The reason this has not been done, and the reason nobody even discusses it, is evidently that few in DC are serious about campaign finance reform.

henry duff

It was hard to evaluate because the issues that it was looking at were so completely different from the contribution/corruption issues we focus on here.


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the FEC does not have the authority to force ANYONE to disclose payments from the receiving end, the onus for disclosure rests with the entity writing the check. To ask bloggers to do so would actually place a higher regulatory burden on them than anyone else in the political universe." http://www.gordoniihoodia.net

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An earlier post said that New Orleans is 400+ years old. If our country is 229 years old, how is this possible?”
Well whoever said that will make out just fine when the brain-eating zombies attack.


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