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Mark: a friend told a story the other day of driving into Washington with his three year old son for the first time. Upon seeing the Capitol the boy exclaimed: "Washington Week in Review." M.

Matt Weiner

You favor Dodd? Reid? Who?

Movie Guy

Mark, that's pretty good. :)

Did you tell your daughter that about 99.7% of the citizens in the nation don't know anything about it either?

Not even today...


Well, that's a 3-year-old for you. It's obvious to any adult that Senator Sarbanes should be "King of All the Senators."


You obviously need to be quite concerned about your child's development.

- At 18 months, your child should be able to properly recognize the Senate Democratic Leader.

- At 2- 3 years, your child should be fully conversant with PAYGO rules.

- At 3 years, your child be able to handle basic message creation responsibilities, and able to cut a competent TV attack spot on a Mac.

Have you tried regularly reading your child to sleep with Bill Clinton's autobiography?

Tad Brennan

Could she have thought she was missing out on a new kind of play-doh? Just thinking about how she may be more attuned to sounds than to capitals (or capitols).


It's obvious to any adult that Senator Sarbanes should be "King of All the Senators."

Yeah, but with his abdication announcement, a succession crisis looms. Maybe little Ms. Schmitt is just out ahead of DC CW...

Movie Guy


Was she quoting Karl Rove?

Allen K.

It's widely appreciated that young'uns learn languages faster than their elders.

Seriously, though, is there any chance it was LEGO?


Mark, I should have your child-rearing issues! Everytime my 3-year-old sees GWB, she exclaims, "It's Joe Bush! Pretty Joe Bush..."

I'm trying to ignore the inappropriate outbursts for the moment, but don't think that doesn't rattle me to the core.

Ken Houghton

If she's taking Kent Conrad seriously, she's already qualified to run the NDN, if not the DNC.

The problem being she's got an IQ over 50, so there's no way she would be considered, except as a figurehead.

harry near indy

did she choose to watch c-span? or did you choose, and she just happened to be in the room?

i'd wonder about a kid if he/she chooses to watch c-span.

i don't have children,so i don't know what a 3-year-old girl would watch on tv if she had a choice.

3-year-old boys, otoh, would probably want to watch dinosaurs or big rigs/monster trucks. it has something to do with little critters identifying with the power that the big critters have -- or wanting to be a big critter.

i say that since i used to be a 3-year-old boy.


Does she realize that she doesn't have a senator?

Age 3 is not too early to start letting her know that for DC resident's all senators are like kings, there is no voice for DC in their election.

Maybe by age 18 it will change.

Alexander Wolfe

That's hilarious. When is she starting her own blog?

Tx Bubba

Back during the election, my five-year-old son asked us whom we were voting for. When we said Kerry and explained why (briefly and simply), my son became upset. "No one likes George Bush!" We said that some people were going to vote for him and that he might (!) win, but he said, "NO. Nobody likes him and nobody's going to vote for him."

A few days later, while coming home from dinner, he said, "The left side of me likes John Kerry, and my right side likes Bush."

He goes to a school here in Texas, and it turns out that they had a mock vote . . . literally. A couple of the older kids mocked the ones who voted for Kerry.

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