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Larry E.'s blog Lotus at www.whoviating.blogspot.com deserves more traffic. Take a look and consider whether he belongs in the subversion of the dominant link heirarchy.


I was relieved when you took down the link to us, because I would see people clicking through and think, each time, "you're probably *not* going to find what you're looking for..."


I'd personally love to see Unfogged back up there, as this was my gateway from the wonkier side of things straight into the ogged/PG/apostropher, et al axis. Please don't abandon me to *shudder* "favorites".

Nell Lancaster

Thanks for the 'Overheard' link; I used to love Stan Mack's strip.

And now for a question I can't believe I'm asking in public: What does "chairman's mark" mean? (Realizing that this marks me as something lower than a DC wonk/nerd, a wannabe DC wonk/nerd.... I'm not, really I'm not, I'm just curious.... yeah, that's it, curious...)


thom, I'm flattered, but I have faith that you'll find your way to Unfogged without requiring Mark to compromise his good name and reputation.


linking, funny thing.


As far as lefty sites go, I like to visit http://preemptivekarma.com/ now and again. I never agree with her but she always makes me think.


Users of the lynx text browser would raise a really
loud cheer if you'd now either move everything in
the left column to the empty right column OR
place an internal link at the top of the page
that allows a jump straight to content. Many
publications (the Guardian and CNN come to mind)
offer this courtesy and so do a few blogs (see
cursor.org). As it is, we must PgDn any number
of times to get to the meat. Whatever, thank you.
You always have something interesting to say.
Just wish getting to it weren't such a pain.



I always appreciated the link to E4D ...even though you weren't a Dean guy.

I took down the site sometime after Kerry had become the nominee or presumptive nominee...and i knew you were bound to clean house one day. If I ever start up a blog again maybe I'll ask for a link again ;)

harry near indy

i remember stan mack's real life funnies in the voice back in the day, and i thought they were always consistently funny.

and if you'll never hear the term chairman's mark -- whatever the hell that is -- in new york, i'll bet that in certain parts of the city -- say your more exclusive clubs and the upper east side -- you'll hear the term maker's mark -- and make it a double!

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