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Dave M

Mr. Schmitt - "Chafee" has one "f."


PAYGO is Graham-Rudman-Hollings redux. Could Phil Graham be taking back his party from the Bush hacks? Please tell me he is.

Nell Lancaster

It's too much at once!! There is apparently also a vital vote Wednesday in a Senate committee to prevent drilling in the Alaskan wildlife refuge (if John Kerry and Robert Redfort's warm personal emails are to be believed).

Movie Guy

If the Dems are smart, they will build on the PAYGO theme for the rest of the year. Make a huge issue out of it. Pin the USA flag on it.

No PAYGO, No Bucks. And No Buck Rogers.


I was at a reception last night where Barack Obama gave some remarks. They opened things up for questions afterwards, so I asked Obama whether he thought the Senate would agree to adopt the PAYGO rules set to be proposed today by Feingold/Chafee. He explained the concept to the room and said he doubted it would pass the Senate largely because Bush's proposed budget simply doesn't work under PAYGO rules. Guess we'll know soon enough.


I slapped together a post on the merits of PAYGO .

Basic idea: you can't limit spending with paygo rules unless the rules also apply to revenues, because there just isn't enough upside to voting against spending. If you want to limit spending, the rules have to be symmetrical.

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