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perhaps someday someone will explain to me why any "moderate" still trucks with the republican party. All that is required is for the rational moderates and honest conservatives (relatively small numbers in absolute terms) abandon the gop and vote democratic and this entire delay-based horror show comes grinding to a halt.

Jack (CommonSenseDesk)

What in the world is wrong with these folks? A statement like that speaks volumes about a cavalier attitude that is dangerous on a good day. To move forward on legislation that poses such a troubling challenge to so much is irresponsible in the extreme.

Let's hope we wake up soon.

richard lo cicero

GOP "moderates" always cave to the loonies on the right because they know that if they don't a well financed challenger will go after them in the primaries. So they close their eyes and jump off the cliff knowing that most districts are so gerrymandered that they can depend on winning the General Election!

swamp thing

The Republicans are stuck in a bad marriage. They brought the Far Right into their big tent, and now they have to dance with them. Their coalition would not be able to win elections without the money and votes that the wingnut faction provides.


And the source of this quote is?


That is a very useful "Unnamed Source", Mark.

Davis X. Machina

And the source of this quote is?

An Arkansas state trooper, which was, up until recently, the very epitome of veracity

Live by the blind source, die by the blind source.


Well, the quote is embarrassing, but honest. They thought it was a good issue and rounded up their members to to support it, as is commonly done. Surely you guys don't believe that each member of congress reviewed the voluminous case reports in this matter. I certainly hope not. There are far more important issues out there requiring attention.


Looks like a pull quote from some articleI'm just curious where it's from. Linky, linky.

Kagro X

Here's your quote.

Took all of two seconds to google it, you helpless, mewling kittens.

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