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It would have helped if he had mentioned the 1990s GNR remake. Half the u-30 crowd (or more) probably doesn't even know about the original.


Of course, the song (and the movie) is "Live and let die". Mixing AND and OR kind of ruins it for a geek like me.

Matthew Yglesias

Man! Others beat me to the two points I wanted to make.


I like the way the silent fix of the line "in this ever-changing world in which we live in," but what do they mean at the end? They're going to decide whether the tax provisions live, or the tax provisions let die? What are the provisions letting die? The only way it works without adding words is if you assume they meant "let dye," and that's pretty nonsensical.


Aaargh! Worst use of a rock song by a politician since Reagan co-opting Born in the U.S.A. I can see the wonks in Max's office had no clue about the context of the song, let alone the right lyrics. Next we're going to see Dubya using "Fortunate Son".


My youngest brother works for Max in Montana. I sent him this email after reading the post:

Hey Dave,

I liked the James Bond reference, but the name of the movie (and the song) was "Live AND Let Die", not "or". Trivial, I know, but I'm a detail person, what can I say. Plus, when you try to be hip and popular and use a song to make a point, and then get the name wrong, it's a little uncool.

A more substantial criticism I might offer is that taxpayer uncertainty is probably one of the lesser problems of the ever-changing tax laws. The ever-deepening debt, the ever-weakening dollar, and the doubtless soon to be ever-rising interest rates are larger reasons to let the tax breaks die.


In defense of Baucus's speechwriters, his speach does say that there is a song with a "similar title" not an identical title.

And yes, the song is stuck in my head, too, efforts to the contrary notwithstanding.

Thomas Nephew

My favorite "bad use of popular music" example is the Bob Dole campaign playing the theme from "Mission: Impossible" at their rallies.


Montana has been known of late for its politicians who have a taste for their own feet rhetorically. Our last Governor, “Lap Dog of Industry” Martz, the other dim bulb Sen. Conrad “they’re a bunch of ragheads” Burns. I blame the Republicans. They’ve run the sate for the last sixteen years and the economy has so deteriorated that the best and brightest leave the state to find better paying jobs. And that leaves we Montanans with these second stringers.

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