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Or perhaps the notion that unfairness is alleviated by increasing the net redistribution of wealth is not a popular one among fiscal conservatives.

General Glut

This kind of political argument goes way way back on the right wing, and not only among the opinion and political elites. Saying a prisoner has anything better than a working man is a sure fire way to eliminate access to that thing by the general public.


the twisted, bizarre uses of the idea of "unfairness" in right-wing rhetoric. Problems that are not entirely unsolvable (increase Pell Grants, improve health care or African-Americans) become redefined as if they are constant variables, which create an "unfairness" to be dealt with by eliminating benefits for someone else.

Wow. This is the first time I've seen this clearly & explicitly stated. This will help me out somewhere, writing something, I suppose.

Thanks very much for the insight!!

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