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The Navigator

Mark, a technical blogging point:
I've been told that Google ranks items such as blog posts more highly by title than by content. So, if you want people doing Google searches and such to turn up this post, and thereby learn the truth and then join the campaign to extirpate this bit of spurious Orientalism, you would be well advised to re-title this post with some or all of the offending phrase - thus, people searching for it would be more likely to be directed to your debunking.
Sorry to make you repeat what you don't like. But war is never pretty.

Kieran Healy

In fact, it's well known that the Chinese character for "Crisis" is a combination of the characters for "Round up the usual suspects" and "Octogenarian succession."

RonK, Seattle

FWIW, the author's attempted parallel illustration using the English word "airplane" seems equally erroneous (though I'm not sure it has the same potential to lead us all into disaster). See http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=plane


We can lose "thinking outside the box" as well, and not a moment too soon for my taste.


I love this shit. All those years of fatuous fearless leaders quoting unmitigated crapola. It always seemed way too pat. Debunk is my favorite word.

Maureen Hay

I worked with a guy who had those motivational posters all over his cube. He was a mousy little guy and his superiors would dump all the dog-work, no-glory jobs on him. And he'd take them, putting in endless hours. He confessed to me once that his marriage was in trouble because of his overwork. He was actually a reasonable programmer, he just couldn't see past the jargon-y BS about the glories of hard work.

One of my fave New Yorker cartoons: Two fish in a fish tank, eying the pile of fish skeletons next to the tank. One says "It's time we rethink this whole thinking-outside-the-box thing."

Don Dresser

As long as people are referring to overused trite phrases - I nominate "let's not reinvent the wheel."

To see why I object - consider the prospect of landing a 747 airliner on Conestoga wagon wheels - or riding a bicycle outfitted with steam locomotive drive wheels - or ...

Mitch Mills

That "crisis = danger + opportunity" schtick is a pet peeve of mine too. We had a bit of a discussion on this topic in the comments to this apostropher post.

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