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For whatever it's worth, the official World Bank President rumor clearinghouse (http://www.worldbankpresident.org) has nothing on the Wolfowitz rumors.

And yes, I think this proves that there truly is a blog about everything.

I thought that the "abolish all laws" provision of the DHS bill was the last time I would say "that's it. there's nothing the Bush administration can do to shock me" but I think Wolfowitz as World Bank President would come close.

Movie Guy

Well, well.

Never a dull moment.


Didn't Johnson put McNamara on the World Bank?

It appears that that's the next spot for "guy who got us into unwinnable wars".

Perfect symmetry


I know you won't believe me, but I have it on the QT that Bush has an undeclared (but perfectly justifiable) policy only to have Americans whose last names begin with "Wolf" serve as head of the World Bank. It's no big deal. No offense to Europe intended. Just sort of an intimidation thing--kind of like having a collection agent who goes by the str3etname "Ice Pick." A puny little country like Gambia's not even going to think about cheating a guy named "Wolf_____."

Nell Lancaster

Wow. Didn't see that one coming.

Who'd replace Wolfowitz at the Pentagon, I wonder?

Think of it from Wolfo's point of view; wouldn't you want to get the hell out from under Rumsfeld after four years?


Nah. Wolfie's just looking for a post that comes with diplomatic immunity. The Europeans will understand; they invented it.


Or cancel Condi's trip to Canada when it refuses to play by our rules.

Cryptic Ned

I do believe that to be the jest of the season, my good sir! Why, what's that you say? 'Tis true? Oh, 'tis all the more jolly! To think that the world could turn thus!

By the way, it's "foie gras".

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