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I'm amused that a (very interesting, cogent, and worthwhile) post that featured a profusion of mild swears is followed shortly by, "For some reason I've been reading ... Powerline ..."


Sid the Fish

The Kissinger quote is from a speech that he made at the 1980 Republican convention that nominated Ronald Reagan to run against Jimmy Carter.

More here.

Brad DeLong

In God's name, why would one read Powerline?


Of course. Your point is? Do you really think any of those people have any sense of shame?

Rob W

I'm with C.J. Reality just bounces off these people. Its the looming drop off which always dooms this type.


Well, Jimmy Carter is probably the only living American president that was and is truly liked in the developing world. He was the first and only to speak against human rights violations by pro-american dictatorships (and it wasn't fashionable back then).

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