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This thing is a freaking gold mine.

The Dems should announce some kind of 30 Day campaign to highlight one absurd sentence or graf per day.

"The Republican Party thinks it can fool the American people"

"The Republican Party is getting tips on strategy from Lenin"

Or something better than that, preferably.

Every damn day.

old ari

and of course a billion is a million millions.which makes a trillion a million million million..


Why not talk about possibly adding anywhere from 13 to 26% to the existing 7.6 trillion dollar debt to cover monies that are being diverted to these personal savings accounts and not going to today's retirees?

Remember, all unfunded government spending is a tax increase down the road. China owns $500 billion dollars of US debt in the form of treasuries; Japan, $750 billion.


Yes, in America 1,000 million is a billion. I believe that a British billion is 10,000 million.

Ginger Yellow

Technically a British billion is one million million. But confusingly, that definition is almost never used.


To solve this problem, Democrats need to start talking numbers ONLY in millions. So a funding shortage of $1.2 billion would now be discussed by Democrats as $1200 million--one THOUSAND two hundred MILLION. This would get specially good when trillions are discussed because here in the US of A, a trillion IS a million million.

So a cost of $2 trillion is now "two MILLION million". That's starting to sound like a lot of money!




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