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serial catowner

Somehow I don't think America is ever going to run out of 'conservatives'. As to whether they are real conservatives, that sounds to me like the argument about whether paper money is real money. 'Nuff said.


More Republicans jumping ship:

Former Kentucky senator Marlow W. Cook:


Former Michigan governor William J. Milliken:



As a young conservative that sees much hope in the principles of the movement and even the Republican party hope that we start placing people in leadership positions that portray that hope. I bleieve the future of our movement and party is held in the hadnds of those like Lindsey Graham and John McCain. Both these men have a great deal of integrity, a spirit of reform and social conscience. These are things the the President and Mr DeLay lack.

It is good to see a true conservative like Mr. DeMint in SC get elected, if his mistakes do not take him down. That race is closer than one might excpect. It will be a nail biter on election night. But God knows who will win and we all pray it is Mr. DeMint.

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