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Hmmmm...Maybe it's an experiment to see if they can actually get elected without any work to hold the center? To see how far to the right they've pulled the country?

I mean, it's not really as if Bush has a lot to offer most moderates (and I use the word moderate advisedly), so why not see if they can get elected from a deliberately minority position -- they did it once before by accident.


I wonder how this all squares with the GOP's assessment, in which GWB was deeply involved, that it could win with the evangelical vote alone?


I agree that the pandering to the right smacks of desperation. I do wonder however whether the relentless negative advertising is an attempt to get the middle to stay home. Perhaps Rove et. al. think they can't win the moderates so they need to suppress moderate turnout and get the base to show up in record numbers. It's a questionable strategy at best but it would explain their behavior.

Matt McIrvin

Many people have noticed this over the past year, and a popular response to it from worried Democrats, especially on the Internet, seems to be that nobody could be this much of a loser; that there has to be something else going on. That this is all the carefully planned wind-up for some incredible secret sucker punch, like a staged terrorist attack, or the blatant rigging or outright cancellation of the election followed by martial law, or the miraculous production of Osama bin Laden's head from the drawer in the White House basement where it's been hidden since late 2002, or some combination of the preceding.

It could be, but I think I've seen enough to believe that they really are just that foolish. If you're going to do all this evil stuff to remain in power, there's no reason to deliberately lose ground beforehand; it would take a kind of ironic switcheroo theatricality that I don't think exists in the Bush administration.


It's a strategy designed to make the hacked voting results plausible. "Gosh, I know the polls showed we were 5% behind in Ohio, but I guess our base turned out in unusually high numbers."

David Lloyd-Jones

I think that part of Bush's problem is that the Christian Majority is losing its right-wing edge. One odd reason why: the Earned Income Tax Credit, which would be socialist legislation in any other country, was put in place by Ralph Reed in the US. A simple payoff to his working class conservative-Christian base. Problem is, once a working class Evangelical has figured out that the EITC is a good thing, it's a very small jump from there to asking why he doesn't have socialised health insurance and free-market medicine.

{Definition: socialised health insurance and free market medicine is what Canada has. The US way at present is free-market insurance, and corporate-socialist medicine run by the HMO's and insurance companies.}

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