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I largely agree with this perspective; what i would add is that Kerry couldn't have pulled this off in 2000 or in 1992. For Kerry's virtues to offer the potential of a better America, they need to be seen in relief against george bush: careful, where bush is careless; informed, where bush is ignorant; realistic, where bush is utopian; open-minded, where bush is close-minded.

Frank Wilhoit

Let us not gild the lily. It is necessary, and it is sufficient, for Mr. Kerry to be an anti-Republican. He will not be chartered or empowered to attack--or even to candidly identify--the real problem. The point, and the most that can be accomplished, is to gain a little breathing space.

The time for greatness will come when a new house is being built, to replace the one that the Republican Party is currently burning to the ground, in the hope of claiming sole possession of the last fleck of ash.


Howard, I'd have to say I agree with you. But Frank, what would you saw was "the real problem"?

Frank Wilhoit

The real problem is that a totalitarian propaganda machine has spent a generation methodically turning half of the American people into a ravening lynch mob. When you have once promised a group of people that you will place them above the law, you cannot later burst their bubble. When once you have intoxicated them with dreams of absolute power, you cannot stand them down; you cannot wake them up from their dream, whether gently or rudely, and tell them that they must resume their old, familiar, grinding existence. They simply won't hear of it.

Charles Dodgson

A brief note: this analysis is more than a little unfair to Red Sox broadcasters, or at least the radio crew. I've heard Trupiano in particular be absolutely brutal in slagging the team in games (all too frequent this year) where defensive bungles have cost them a lead: "They're going nowhere, absolutely nowhere, if they can't do better than this." And he's sometimes criticized by the fans for excessive boosterism...

Kevin Hayden

I have two feelings about Kerry. His integrity is as solid as any man's could be, so he has, at the least, a good chance of restoring a respect to the office that has been missing for many years.

The other thing is more a premonition. I feel we've blundered badly in the Middle East. Iraq's factions are mostly united to expel us, the occupiers, with the Kurds on the outs, aligned with Israel. Our investigative commissions keep focusing on fighting yesterday's threats instead of tomorrow's (see Amitai Etzioni on this)and I suspect we will see tragedies unfold in the next few months and years.

The country also seems, by my history, more polarized than any time since 1860. Lincoln had to preside over great loss and tragedy and I just sense Kerry may as well, for one or both of these reasons.

I continue to hope my worry is childish, rooted in something silly like his Lincolnesque height. There's no way to debate a premonition, I know, but my point is that I suspect Kerry has the integrity and gravitas to hold the country together through whatever trials are ahead. Which certainly would make him a great one if that came to pass.



Interesting comparison. In 1864 the anti-war Democrats figured they'd found the perfect foil for Lincoln in George McClellan, the highly decorated war hero who was prone to pomposity and inflated self-regard. That year the Dems promised to end the highly unpopular war.

The Republicans' Lincoln was accused of miring the the country in an endless war and not having an exit strategy. Democrats said Lincoln was rolling back constitutional rights, misleading the public about the cost of the war, employing barbaric methods against an enemy that was only trying to defend its homeland against occupation, and waging war for immoral and racist purposes. It was common for opponents to say Lincoln was unfit for command because he had not served in the Mexican War.

McClellan looked poised to beat the hapless and simpleminded Lincoln until Union victories began to pile up and voters decided they wanted to win the war not simply end it.

I believe McClellan won about three states.

Haven Perez


I think comparisons to another war are in order:

Forget WWII or Vietnam. The real comparison for an invasion of Iraq is the Spanish-American War, when an aimless U.S. presidency and a lazy media looked for redemption.

Total Casualties Compare to Spanish-American, Mexican and 1812 Conflicts

Back to the Spanish-American War of 1898?

Iraq's Historical Predecessor

Reality Check, This Is War (Iraq)

Iraq and the Spanish-American War:
A Comparison Study

Business of war / How much of the Iraq mission is about profit?

The Spanish-American War, the Vietnam War, and the Persian Gulf War can fairly be described as “discretionary” wars for the United States.

"When people ask me what I mean by stable government, I tell them 'money at six percent'." - General Leonard Wood, Military Governor of Cuba, 1900

Critical Analysis

Murdoch helped start war on Iraq, says Turner


here is an article exposing kerry.



john kerry could be hurt by questions about his military service



Good point Haven,

Presidential Election of 1900
McKinley (R) -- 51.7%
Bryan (D) -- 45.5%

I guess there are some people who are still outraged by the Spanish American war but they're really not consequential are they?


My own conviction is that Kerry has to start talking more about the oversight work he did in the Senate, and how that links to him being the kind of president who will take care of the details, or else he is going to continue to face attacks on the question of why he never talks about his Senate record. That will make a nice contrast to Bush, who people pretty clearly understand is the kind of guy who delegates everything, to our country's detriment.


I've heard there was a standing joke in the Clinton White House about any legislative strategy that begain with "and then we'll peel off a few moderate Republicans in the House." Because it never worked. In 1993, many of the moderate Republicans were interested in health care reforms, but once the word got out to put politics over policy, there were no more compromises and party loyalty was virtually complete. I can't think of any reason why it would be different with Kerry in the White House.


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