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Jim Bunnell

I think that campaign financing should be both public (governmental) and private, with both fixed and flexable limits on spending.

As long as all candidates for a given office accept only public financing, then there should be an adequate fixed limit on how much all qualified candidates for that office can get. Once at least one candidate alternatively chooses private financing and raises more than the fixed limit, then the amount of public financing per publicly financed candidate should be raised to match the amount that is received by any privately financed candidate.

Laws, as they usually do, would have to flush this idea out some, but the goal must be to eliminate any special relationship between the candidate and the source and amount of money received.

This is slightly off topic, but this campaign stuff turns out to all be related. I believe that media outlets should be required to turn over blocks of time, each block at least one hour, to each candidate. Candidates need to be forced to communicate with voters in some method other than short sound bites.


I don't see why there can't be strict spending limits, air time limits and limits on the time frame during which active campaining take place. It's absolutely rediculous to me that elected officials spend so much of their time and energy raising money for the next run and that the active campaign seasons grow longer with each election cycle. And the formats for the on-air ads should be standardized and informative. No more selling candidates, just educating voters about their positions on the issues. I think one of the effects such campaign restrictions would to push electoral politics down toward the grassroots. Because media campaigns would be formalized, candidates would have to compete for voters' attention by reviving their parties' organizing skills at the local and state levels.

Mr. Nicolas Bonaparte


Anyone know where I can find 527 filings for Wisconsin? Interested in finding out who is spending money in this proverbial swing state.

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