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You know, I find the WaPo editorial board to be incredibly annoying. It's as if they don't read their own damn paper, and get their news from the WaTi instead.


I don't have any good answers on this but at this point I'm not sure increased troops is the answer unless we are willing to actually try to ensure security among the Iraqi people.

as Fareed Zakaria put it:

Patrolling streets, fighting crime, making contact with locals isn't what people join the army to do. It also interferes with force protection, an understandable and legitimate concern of commanders. And yet, success in Iraq will depend on successful peacekeeping.

The truth which no one seems to be willing to address is that ensuring security in Iraq requires more dead Americans.

I post on this basic conundrum at between security and casualties at Kautilyan


The Alliance for Justice has launched a new website urging Justice Scalia to recuse himself from the Cheney energy case! Check it out: www.ChooseToRecuse.org Scalia can recuse himself anytime before the Supreme Court renders its decision.

There is a great flash animation that goes with it too. You have to see "Quid Pro Quack" http://www.allianceforjustice.org/action/scalia/flash.htm Duck'em!

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