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Wow. I wrote on the same topic today on my blog, but not nearly in as much detail. Thanks for you insight.


You might note that the contrast between Kerry's military record and Bush's should make it easier for the Dems to make some inroads.

Angry Bear

I've been meaning to make a similar post on this topic, based on my father (6 years USMC, over 3 in Vietnam, "Jane Fonda" was and is, literally, unmentionable in my house.) I was hesitant to broach the subject with him, butmy curiosity got the better of me over the weekend.

He's not too fond of Kerry ("too close to Ted Kennedy"); owns multiple guns and rifles; opposed Iraq because he felt sure the aftermath would resemble Vietnam (if there were credible WMD evidence, he supported invasion, destruction, and exit.) In short, he's no wishy-washy liberal.

I was surprised enough when I heard this from him that I wrote it down:"But I'll tell you one thing, Son. I don't think the current president is fit to lead this country." This was entirely the product of Bush's conduct and decisions in office, not Bush's lack of military service or AWOL allegations -- he voted for Bush in 2000.

Then he added that since "Mister Unsafe at Any Speed" is a nutball, he'd probably vote for Kerry. Unfortunately, he doesn't live in a swing state.



I guess more will be known when (white) pollsters stop assuming and start asking (Black, Latino, white) servicemembers.

I can only speak anecdotally, but my shipmates in EUCOM are mighty pissed about this "situation" in Iraq, and are pissed that folks are being sent downrange with no clue as to what to do next. They are being led by folks who had "other priorities" when it was their turn to put on the uniform, yet the Democratic opposition appears utterly clueless in how to respond to the mendacity of the Right.

If you have a better answer, shoot a memo to the Kerry Campaign.


I get so tired of the political hyperbole and selective blindness of both sides (which is not to say I don't get it wrong myself sometimes...). Of course we have enormous issues within in our military. How many years did Republican and Democratic administrations alike look the other way while the military was sold as an avenue of access to a higher education and job skills? The idea that belonging to the military could mean that you might actually have to fight and kill people? Pshaw!! Sure, we still have lots of guys and gals who are up to whatever task they are called upon to perform, but there are others who really have no stomach for military action of any kind. Any rift we might see in the military is a sign of the rift in our society generally, where, on the one hand, we have people who seem to think that it's our job to export by force our 'values' to the rest of the world, and on the other hand, we have a growing group of people who couldn't or wouldn't fight or kill anyone for any reason whatsoever, even if that meant allowing members of their own family to be raped or killed. It would be nice to get back to having some semblance of common ground and unity in our country, but I don't know that we'll ever see that again. If 911 couldn't bring that about, what will?

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