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Perhaps I'm missing something, but aren't you begging the question a bit here?

I mean, you're assuming that the Republican party is being broken or split in half. Another way to look at it is that the party is being swallowed.

Dan F

Maybe Kerry needs seriously consider Mark Warner for vice president. I mean a telegenic young southerner who got a republican legislature to deal with tax reform (albiet imperfectly). What's not to like?


You call them Nihilist, but my understanding is that people who believe in no government are anarchists.

Daniel Hatch

Except Mark Warner graduated high school in Connecticut -- Rockville High School in Vernon (Gene Pitney's "Town without Pity").


It will help if Sen. Kerry takes a page out of FDR's book, and make a point of attacking the Republican leadership, which has failed the Republican party.

In fact, he and his surrogates should emphasize as much as possible the ways in which the current administration has betrayed rank-and-file Republicans in favor of a secretive, self-seeking cadre of 'insiders'.

Just my opinion.



And, possibly, just as in Virginia, they just might destroy the Republican Party.

The only dangerous thing about this, is that if the Republican party isn't fractured by this scenario, it will place the government in such a position that another GW Bush can come along and put us right back at the brink of governmental insolvency, especially if a Kerry presidency can be spun as an anti-Democrat one.

Not that I'm arguing that the Democrats should just "get theirs". If anything, that's going to make things worse even faster. But if this is the path we choose, we had better make sure it's a united front and as successful as possible.


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