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Matt Yglesias raised the point about Edwards that it would be undesireable to nominate a candidate who can be derided as too young or too inexperienced. The Bush team will push continunity in the war on terror. They will want the voters to "stay the course."

Granted, Kerry is also vulnerable to this line of attack.

When it comes to governing effectively, I think the Clinton example will be looked at as a cautionary tale. Any democratic administration in 2005 will certainly be somewhat of a reaction to the hierarchical, controlled Bush White House, but Kerry/Edwards would do well to avoid the ad hoc collegial atmosphere of the early Clinton administration. Both men are senators, and I'm not sure that either brings with them a particular advantage over the other when it comes to setting up an administration, though Kerry does have a longer history in DC.

I'm unfortunate enough to live in a state with a late primary. I will certainly vote for Edwards if he's still afloat, but Super Tuesday looks to be a bad day for him. Anything can happen, but we all know what's most likely.


There will be a backlash, or rather,
a concerted attack, from the moment that
the Dem wins.

It doesn't matter who the Dem winner is.
Relentless and savage attack worked quite
well for the GOP - it got them Congress in '94,
it kept Clinton occupied during his term,
and it cut Gore's legs from underneath him
from the start of his campaign.

They'll do it again.


Well, it seems we have a nominee now...



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