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But if I were actually toking up, wouldn't that mean that my dealer was smart enough to pick up the *correct* package, thus helping to save the lives of these transplant patients? Moral: If you're going to toke up, use a reputable, responsible dealer who can tell the difference between her ass (or other body part) and a hole in the ground (or something like that).


The real lesson here is a defense of home cultivation for personal use. Home growing takes all the crime, trafficking, "supporting terrorism", and other procurement-related arguments off the table.


So remember, marijuana dealers, next time you accidentally pick up a shipment of human organs instead of your drugs, there is no use in returning the organs to their rightful owners, if you want to retain your freedom. No good deed goes unpunished.


How stoned do you have to be to make that mistake? Didn't she notice the weight difference? Or the organs must have been packed in 140 lbs of dry ice.

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