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First-term senators are probably more reliant on lobbyists than are senior senators, who can probably consider themselves free agents. So to the extent that the insider information comes from lobbyists, this result isn't counterintuitive.

Steve Hiner

One aspect of the issue you didn't cover is that there are likely people that watch the stocks purchased by Senators and buy them with the assuption that the Senators have inside information. If that's the case the extra purchases would drive up the price of the stock. That means all the Senator would have to do to make a profit is buy the stock and let the investor's reaction take care of the rest.

I don't personally trade stock so I have no idea if there's any way to find out when a particular person makes a stock trade. Obviously it must be possible to find out eventually or they wouldn't have been able to create the paper that sparked this debate.


very good



Edward J. Renehan Jr.

The "late" Claiborne Pell? You published this in Feburary. Today, October 1st, he remains quite alive here in RI. Best, - EJR

steven davies

You can find out when a particular person makes a stock trade.Traders become emotional when trading stocks.:)) that is the way to understand.

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