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p mac

The "earth is round" theory assumes that the UAV's would be remotely operated. But cruise missiles are guided by internal navigation systems, available for $100 bucks on the internet. A GPS guided drone is easy to build. Just ask this guy.

V. J. Meagher

"For the most part, I think that Senators don't really have the option to disbelieve specific factual statements given them by the administration, so there should be no reason to be afraid of admitting that one voted on the basis of false statements."

I disagree with this. The Bush administration has had their pants on fire practically from Day One. And one reason the Democratic members of Congress seem so lame is that they're so late to realize this. Members of Congress should use their wisdom and judgment at all times, and should remember that, until the last few decades, the U.S. Congress was equal in power to the President in our three branches of government. (Now they're subordinate.)

James Butts

Actually, it is possible to send radio waves over the horizon without satellites. Since the dawn of radio, people have been bouncing radio signals off of the ionsphere (an ionized region of the upper atmosphere). AM radio and long range shortwave traffic are based on this principle. While it would be difficult to do in this case, theoretically it could be done and Congress therefore cannot be faulted for thinking that the President would not lie so blatantly.

Joey Giraud

disclaimer, IAAEE ( electrical engineer )

pmac:>"But cruise missiles are guided by internal navigation systems, available for $100 bucks on the internet"

This is ridiculous.There's nothing you can buy for $100 that could guide a drone across the ocean to attack America. An internal navigation system to do this with even marginal reliability ( even with GPS ) would be quite expensive.

J.B.:>"Actually, it is possible to send radio waves over the horizon without satellites."

This effect is only strong at night, only works on shortwave frequencies and is very unreliable. It's not plausable at all.

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