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Ali G

You seem to have your heart sent on Clark. Don't you think if Clark's the nominee, Rove will line up a string of retired military guys--at least one a week, maybe one a day--who have some gripe against Clark and will say "I've known Wes since West Point and always had doubts about hisjudgement. He is impulsive and does not have the qualities we need in a commander in chief," and that will completely undermine his whole military leader schtick? You would think the "I'm not going to start World War III for you" comment alone would be enough to fuel endless attack ads. Am I missing something? Or do you just think Clark's so charismatic he could beat this?

By the way, what's up with those promised econ policy posts? Was that just a teaser to keep me checking back?


I think we can be fairly sure that there will be attacks on Clark--just like every other candidate, just like in any other race.

The point that Mark makes is a good one. Clark is an extremely difficult candidate for W to run against. Let me give you an example of why..Even though W's popularity has fallen, there is one point that still nets him 65+% of the population--the concept of 'strong leader'..dont ask me why, dont ask me when, dont ask me how..this is the nation's view. We need to run a candidate against W who comes across as, at the very least, equally as strong. This is Clark's 'supreme advantage' over all the other candidates..As NATO supreme leader, as 4-star general, as a 34-yr stand-and-fight type of man in the army, he is absolutely the GOP's worse nightmare--the most difficult man for W to run against.

A W-vs.Clark race makes null all of W's 'patriotic capital' [if one can call it that] and makes W have to stand and run this race on what he's done...

without Clark, it doesnt matter how bad the deficit is, how many jobs are lost, how poorly iraq is going, what types of environmental destructions were done and will continue, it doesnt matter how much religion enters into government and how little liberty is left in our lives..

W will just say--hey, be happy you're alive...without me--a man who loves America--terror would have engulfed the land by now.

We are extradinarily fortunate that Clark decided to enter the race..b/c as powerful as the above my same--it is completely obliterated with breatheless brevity, by the Supreme Leader himself..

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