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Yes, if you stumbled here by accident, or because you never took this site off your RSS reader, you'll notice that there is some new content here. After letting The Decembrist lapse about 15 months ago, because group blogging (at The American Prospect's TAPPED, and at TPMCafe) was more suited to my pace, I slowly realized that this blog did have an amazing core of loyal readers (I was blown away when a prominent DailyKos front page contributor told me a few months ago that this was the first political blog she ever read, and from here she found her way to others) and that I need a single repository, if only of links, to everything else I write.

For now, at least, everything here will be cross-posted, mostly from TAPPED, which is terrific these days, with a good mix of the Prospect's young writers and other contributors like Tom Schaller and Adele Stan. I'll also post by monthly column for the magazine, as soon as it's available to non-subscribers, and other writing for TPMCafe, The New Republic, The Washington Monthly, Democracy, and elsewhere. I'm also involved in a terrific project at the New America Foundation on The Next Social Contract, and I'll post some of the products of that initiative.

It's possible that there will be some content here that won't be posted elsewhere, if it doesn't fit. Over the next few weeks, I'll be backfilling the last few months of material, mostly from TAPPED.

Thanks for returning! 

Posted by Mark Schmitt on April 30, 2008 | Permalink