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"Tested By Fire"

You know, I think right-wing Republicans get a bad rap, when people use words like "chickenhawk," or refer to the "101st Fighting Keyboardists." Some of these folks have shown some real courage. Take Katherine Harris, from her first TV ad. She says she’s "Tested by Fire," and you have to admit, anyone who can stand up to ALAN COLMES probably has an inner core of courage that the rest of us can only envy.

harris colmes

Perhaps a better image to accompany "Tested by Fire" would be Harris the morning after consuming $2500 worth of booze with Mitchell Wade. Here’s the ad, thanks to Crooks and Liars.

Posted by Mark Schmitt on May 4, 2006 | Permalink


Being grilled by Alan Colmes? Shudder. We can only guess what it must be like. . . Just imagine your weightless...You're at the bottom of the ocean...You're surrounded by tiny sea horses...

Posted by: Esoth | May 4, 2006 3:32:33 PM