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On the Pulse of the People

[I'm posting some items here that already appeared on TPM Cafe, and somehow didn't post here. Look forward to a full return, cleaned up comments, and more frequent posting here shortly.]

This is a first for Senator George Allen, a complete paragraph without a single football metaphor. But take out the football, and he inadvertently speaks the truth. Allen on Tony Snow, speaking on Snow’s network:
The best
thing that Tony’s going to do is bring the pulse of the American people
into the White House in those deliberations. People like Laura Ingraham and
Tony and Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, they understand what’s going on in the
real world, and I think that’s going to be very helpful for the White House
as they develop policy to move this country forward....I think it will
be good for the American people, too, to have one of their advocates
clearly in the White House who’s on the pulse of the people in the real
In case you thought that the problem with the White House was that they needed a dose of the Hannity/Limbaugh understanding of the real world, Tony’s the man. 

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Can't read it!!!! D'oh!

Posted by: Kent | Jun 19, 2006 12:08:00 PM