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From the Social Security archives

It's a cliche to notice how amazing the things are that one can find on the web. For reasons not worth getting into, I was trying to find some basic background on the recent history of Social Security reform, especially in the 1980s. The Social Security Administration website has an astonishing history section, complete with fully transcribed oral history interviews with dozens of people involved with shaping the programs. Amazing stuff. The interview with former commissioner Robert M. Ball, who served under three presidents, is in seven parts totaling 280 pages, easily searchable.

Ball is one of the "two Bobs" who span virtually the entire history of Social Security. The other was Robert J. Myers, who was chief actuary and deputy commissioner, but perhaps most significantly was staff director of the Greenspan commission, the bipartisan commission that put Social Security on a sounder footing in 1983. Of the two Bobs, Ball was more of a Democrat, Myers more aligned with and appointed by Republicans.

Here are a couple of interesting quotes from the oral history interview with Myers:

Of Social Security private account proposals circulating at the time of the interview, 1996:

Myers: From what I know about the proposals, I'd start off saying that to me the translation of the word "privatization" is "destroyed." If it won't do it immediately, it will do it inevitably. So therefore I'm opposed, basically.

On the role of Social Security in retirement:

I'm all in favor of private sector investments. Middle income people, even some lower income people, and certainly higher income people, should be building on top of Social Security. Social Security never was intended to do the whole job, it shouldn't and it would be bad if it did. Again, that's the reason I quit in 1970, what I called the expansionists were out to expand the program. They did expand it some in the early '70s, but their intentions were to expand it much more, so that it would take care of all the economic needs of 90 percent of the population, and I didn't think that would be good for the character of the country. People should do something for themselves on top of this basic floor. By the same token, I don't think this basic floor should be destroyed by people opting out or privatizing out of it. Leave it alone, fix the system up, encourage private savings any way you want to. I'd even go for a compulsory IRA system where everybody had to contribute 2 or 3 or 5 percent of pay and put it into mutual funds or whatever, but leave Social Security alone as the base

That's my kind of conservative.

It really is to the credit of Social Security that they have invested so much attention into preserving their own history and making it publicly available. It's as useful as the numbers.

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For more background on the Social Security debate, check out the Perrspectives Social Security Document Library.

It includes the Republicans' cynical game plan, the Trustees' 2004 Report, the 2001 report of the Presidential Commission, CEPR's simple fact sheet, and resources from AARP, the Center for Economic and Policy Research, the Campaign for America's Future and ThereIsNoCrisis.com. Recent articles on studies and articles on the pension and retirement system reforms in Argentina, Chile and the UK are also included.

Posted by: Jon | Feb 2, 2005 6:12:45 PM

Following Jon's lead, it seems to be generally accepted that the first appearance of the "Social Security will be gone by the time you grow up" threat occurred in 1983, in a 15-page PDF from the Cato Institute. The title of the paper is "Achieving a Leninist Strategy." I can't decide whether that was intentional irony or what.

(Janet Hooks of the LAT dug this up and reported on it here).

Posted by: Linkmeister | Feb 3, 2005 2:48:01 AM

Now that you've pointed this out, isn't it pretty much a given that the Bushies will make this stuff disappear post-haste? Just like presidential papers, BLS mass layoff reports, 10-year federal budget projections, and the rest, this bit of honest commentary and fidelity to history is now doomed to a black hole. There's just a slight time lag while (the rest of) SSA realizes that their job is to push the President's agenda, not to make information available to the public in a non-ideological fashion.

Posted by: The Navigator | Feb 3, 2005 11:46:31 AM

While we are at it, the premier institution for serious debate, research and analysis in the field is the National Association for Social Insurance. Robert Ball was the founding chair. Robert Myers is currently on the Board. See: http://www.nasi.org/

Posted by: Michael | Feb 4, 2005 1:57:37 PM

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