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Good American Journalism Review article on political blogs

By looking at my own site referrers, I found this good article from the American Journalism Review about political blogs. It's reasonable and thorough.

Although the author doesn't rank me with "the rock stars of political blogging--Glenn H. Reynolds (www.instapundit.com), Andrew Sullivan (www.andrewsullivan.com), Joshua Micah Marshall (www.talkingpointsmemo.com) and Mickey Kaus (www.kausfiles.com)--moody maestros who stroke their keyboards more quietly but no less fervently than Coldplay's Chris Martin," there is this paragraph:

Ryan Lizza, a reporter for The New Republic covering the presidential campaign, says he reads blogs "pretty religiously. I have a list of 10 or 15 blogs that I check in with at least once a day." Lizza thinks "one really smart blog that deserves to get more attention" is The Decembrist (markschmitt.typepad.com), which "tends to be more thoughtful, more of an essay style." But he cautions that "you don't want to get too wrapped up in what some parts of the blogosphere are obsessing about, because it can sometimes be this self-contained world."

In addition to writing for The New Republic, Lizza started a blog just before the primaries as an outlet for tidbits and other material that might not hold for a week until the print edition (www.tnr.com/blog/campaignjournal). "It's a little different," he says. "It's not a blog in the sense that it's a list of things that Ryan Lizza has read out there on the Internet. I'm trying to keep it more reportorial and not just a list of random thoughts."

So, thanks for the plug, Ryan! I'll try to return the favor someday.

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The problem with that article is that the reporter sets out to learn about the strange new world of blogs and how they challenge the traditional world of reporters and media talking heads and returns from the field with a list of blogs written ... by reporters and media talking heads. All the "rock stars of political blogging" are plugged into the mainstream media -- even Reynolds, with his MSN gig. "Sometimes it can be this self-contained world," indeed. At least they mentioned you.

Posted by: Kieran | Jun 8, 2004 7:38:52 PM

So, thanks for the plug, Ryan! I'll try to return the favor someday.

Sounds like you just did.

A blogger getting mentioned in print can probably just mention the printer in blog, no? (aw never mind)

Posted by: forgetting | Jun 9, 2004 1:58:18 AM

It was that very article that led me to your blog.

Posted by: quartz | Jun 9, 2004 6:16:31 AM

Lizza is right. I'd say that post for post this is the best political blog on the internet...

Posted by: samiam | Jun 9, 2004 11:08:13 PM