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Who is Barrie A. Wigmore?

According to this wonderful new website on which you can search your neighbors for which candidates they gave money to, he and his wife are the only Bush donors who live in New York's Dakota, the legendary apartment building on Central Park West. What's he doing there? Do his neighbors know?

My own neighborhood seems to be 90% Dean and Clark, with a smattering for other Democrats. But the handful of Bush donors are all $4,000 donors -- that is, $2,000 each from two spouses. The Democratic donors are all in the $250-$500 range. So probably almost as much money comes out of our very liberal neighborhood for Bush as for the others. Very telling. (Although there are certainly errors: I'm pretty sure that the Alan H. Greenberg listed as living on the part Hicks Street in Brooklyn that overlooks the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, and who gave to John Edwards, is not in fact the chairman of Bear, Stearns.)

It's a fascinating way to understand the dynamics of money in politics, and unlike some of the other money-in-politics research sites, it's fast.

Posted by Mark Schmitt on March 19, 2004 | Permalink