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Didn't You Used to Be Famous Or Something?

Walking down K Street on a beautiful Washington morning, two men walking toward me -- one looks familiar. My first thought: that's Rep. Norm Dicks of Washington (aka, the congressman from Boeing). No, it's not Dicks, oh, it's Al Gore's former aide and telecomm lobbyist Roy Neel, now better known as Howard Dean's last campaign manager. Oh, and that man with him, oh, gee, isn't that Howard Dean?

Of course it's K Street, and no one reacts to a politician and lobbyist walking together on K Street. But still, it was amazing to see these two guys strolling almost unnoticed, to realize that as recently as New Year's Day, one of them was considered very likely to be the Democratic nominee, and that now they were getting the same look that you might give Peter Frampton if you passed him on the street.

And yes, I'm a geek for being able to recognize Roy Neel. Or Norm Dicks, for that matter, even if I got it wrong.

All in all, a vivid reminder of just how much can happen in politics in a few months. And eight months to go before the general election.

Posted by Mark Schmitt on March 5, 2004 | Permalink


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Nah, Mark.

You're a geek if you can recognize Peter Frampton.

Posted by: Retrogrouch | Mar 8, 2004 2:43:31 PM

Well, he was in town to meet with Nancy Pelosi on Friday. I heard her say that she planned to head off for a meeting with him at a press briefing aired on C-SPAN. Her office confirmed the meeting, but said that Pelosi hadn't discussed any details with them. And then there was that pre-Gridiron speech.

He sure does get around for an ex-candidate.

Posted by: natasha | Mar 9, 2004 5:02:51 AM

Paul Begala passed me walking down M Street this morning, and I was hard put to resist the temptation to ask, "Don't you ever want to punch Tucker Carlson in the mouth?"

Posted by: Ben | Mar 9, 2004 4:08:06 PM

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