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The Medicare bill is a total scam

I'm working on a thorough post-mortem on the Medicare bill, coming later, but in the meantime, I found this tidbit in the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel. (Gotta read what the seniors read...) The article points out various ways that the program will change over time, including that premiums are likely to rise from $35 a month in 2006 to $58 a month in 2013, and the deductible will rise from $250 to $445. And then this:

CBO Director Douglas Holtz-Eakin said there is not even an assurance that the initial monthly premium for the drug benefit will be $35. That number could change by 2006 depending on the many "moving pieces" on which the formula is based, he said.

So even those calculators that show that a senior with drug costs of $4,500 will pay "only" $3,500 in 2006 may not be accurate.

Posted by Mark Schmitt on November 26, 2003 | Permalink


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