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"Excuse me, but did you just compare the Estate Tax to the Holocaust?"

I'm not a big NPR fan, but the deadpan of Terry Gross of "Fresh Air" can be fabulous when she has a guest -- like Gene Simmons of Kiss -- who is completely outrageous. Today she entertained Grover Norquist, who is to right-wing politics what Gene Simmons is to makeup, and tried to take him seriously as he drew a tortured analogy about how the Estate Tax, along with the Clinton tax plan of 1993, were comparable to "the morality of the Holocaust." His logic seems to be that people rationalized that they didn't have to worry about the Holocaust, since it only affected a small percentage of people.

Fresh Air: Tuesday - October 7, 2003 The section about the Holocaust starts at about 8:25 in the interview.

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