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Google made a mistake

Now that I've played with typepad a little bit, I'm pretty sure that Google made a rare mistake in buying blogger. This is the real deal. Blogger seems stuck by comparison, useful for only the simplest blogs. Managing anything in the sidebar is impossible, and the new version of blogger only offers a few templates. I'm sure that if you know how to handle HTML, you can modify the template to do anything, but if you can do that, you might as well install Moveable Type. (And I tried to edit the HTML, with just my rudimentary skills, but the changes didn't seem to stick.) With this thing, in just a few days, I've got a cool design that I made myself, all kinds of good things on the sidebar, comments, trackback, etc. I mightl never use any of it, but it's definitely a blog that says, "This guy seems to know what he's doing," not some schmuck who just keeps posting "this is a test" over and over again.

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Posted by: Dr Stephen Lazarovits | Feb 14, 2004 3:33:45 PM

Under the title "Benedek reflex"it says:
Ladislaus Benedek Austrian neurologist.
This is not correct.Benedek was not Austrian.
Benedek was Hungarian,born in Hungary in 1887 and lived in Hungary.He moved to Austria in 1945 and died in Kitzbuhel,Austria the same year.

Posted by: Dr Stephen Lazarovits | Feb 14, 2004 3:36:15 PM

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